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Dog show judges share judging expertise and opinions in exclusive interviews on Specialty shows, Judging fees, AKC judges approval system and soliciting policy.


How Ex-Handlers Judge Dogs

Do former handlers who are now judges assess dogs differently?


Breed Purist or Poor Judging

AKC judge digs into why an exhibitor may think the judge disregarded the standard but..



Dog Shows And The COVID Era

All-breed Judge on what to do when dog shows open up in 2022 and your pups are now adults!



Judging Perspective

Sieger Shows, missing teeth, and why the same dogs usually win.



Show Dog Or Family Pet?

Multi-Group judge explains the difference between pet and show dogs.



Prehistoric Wolf Teeth Mystery

We know about canine dentition, frozen prehistoric wolf cub could re-write the archeological past!



Breed Standard With A Twist!

Mark Threlfall, great judge and dog-man offers his hilarious version of the TFT standard after living with the breed.


Parent Club Specialty Critique

Judge reveals true Toy Breeds insight including goose-stepping.


What Judges Expect

Dan Crutchfield explains so don't say you didn't know.


Judge On AKC Soliciting Policy

How it affects clubs, exhibitors, and provisional judges.


Who Makes Dog Shows Work?

The answer won't surprise you as this judge says "Lets Rock n' Roll"


Judges' Life Outside Of Dogs

Haven't you wondered what judges do in their "other" life?  We asked.


Short Term Gain-Long Term Pain

We, as judges and educators need to see all sides of pet ownership...



Image & AKC Public Relations

Judge's prophetic observation on puppy mills and financial problems.


Judges Judge Approval System

How the judges feel about the approval system rarely changes.


Breed Standard Exaggeration

Multi-Group judge notes many Group winners display exaggerated size, bone and coat. Is that a good way to make one dog stand out?


Judges Shortfalls

This CKC All-Breed judge counted over 200 judges listed but many of them are awaiting judging invitations, a heads up to dog show clubs!


Judge On Judges' Fees

Dr. Penta's Message to the Am. Dog Show Judges Assoc.


Veteran Class Judging

Multi-Group Judge shares her view of this most SPECIAL class filled with emotion, memories and canine grandeur.


Dealing With Irate Exhibitors

Top Judges share common sense and AKC protocol for handling this.


Eye For A Dog

Who has the uncanny ability to find and award a dog whose outstanding virtues exceed its faults? Tell us in COMMENTS section!


Unwritten Faults

Insightful exchange between a judge and exhibitor on showing long-tailed Rotts and what is not in the Rottweiler Breed Standard.


Boulton vs. AKC Interview

Is he a trouble-maker or a fearless judge who dares to criticize the AKC? WHY he resigned forever before AKC suspended him...


Senior Judges Pull Rank

Provisional's Help, Judges Fees, and overturning AKC's Solicitation Policy.


Dog Show Decorum

Respected multi-Group Judges says life lessons often start with dog show manners, protocol, and tradition.



Contradictory GSD Standards

GSD authority, CKC judge provides a pictorial discussion of current topline and movement in Sieger, AKC, and European show dogs.


A Tale Of Two Judges

How two other judges affected this judge at her first dog show.


Judges Approval In Disarray

Senior Judges reveal hardships imposed on provisional judges.


When Judging Time Runs Out

Multi-Group Judge looks back on AKC judging approval system, changes during her long career, breeders, exhibitors, and the sport today. EST 2005 13021732110


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