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E. "Katie" Gammill, AKC Judge, Showring Editor - 1991


Multi-Group Judge (Hound, Herding, Working, Toy) shares center ring view of this most SPECIAL dog show class filled with emotion, memories and canine grandeur.


It was the old ones that touched my heart

And brought a tear to my eye.

A lump formed deep in my throat

As in splendor they flew by.


Sweet faces smiled and ears pinned back

All heads were high and proud

To cavort and bark for a master's whim

They charmed an applauding crowd.


The glorious coat that comes with age

Glistened and shined with care.

Some eyes were dim, some muzzles white

A tooth missing here and there.


I find this class the hardest to judge.

Each one better than the last.

All veterans of so many great wins and

Reminders of a glorious past.


Once exhibited in their prime

Tonight they’ll curl up tight and sleep

Upon our laps and in our beds

As they dream of liver treats.


Though I've placed them one through four

In all honesty I feel they know

We give them all awards of blue and

Each one is Best In Show.


We catch our breath and swallow hard

Not a dry eye in the crowd.

Take ‘em around and bless their hearts!

These Veteran Dogs do us proud!


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