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What Judges Do When They're Not Judging


The SCJA party was in full swing. “Who is that?” I asked, pointing to a handsome hunk performing the coolest dance steps. Laughing, our table guest said it was no challenge for Olympic diving superstar Greg Louganis! When Barbara Mandrel's dog failed to impress Lou Harris, he said she was still a winner. Retired IRS Exec Ed Sledzik counts every virtue accurately. Exhibitors or Judges, the dog sport hosts really interesting people!


“Well, most people know that I spent about 30 years in the Air Force. And during the war I was in the 15th Air Force as a crew member, however, like a lot of other flyers, I flew a desk towards the end of the war. (chuckling) That happens as you get older in your career. My last job, I was an Executive Officer to a General in Tactical Air Force. That was the job I held when I retired.”



“I graduated college nearly three years ago. I have a major in Biology, a minor in Chemistry and a Bachelors in Science. I was accepted into veterinary school but I quit that to start handling full-time. So I will pursue a career in that field.


“I apprenticed under several Vets throughout my high school years. To be quite honest, I just didn’t like the negative way of working with animals. Sure I want to save an animal’s life, but having to work with people all the time who don’t take care of their dogs, well, I didn’t like that too much. I remember once a Chow Dog came in with its collar imbedded in its neck. It looked as if it was put on when it was just a puppy and it was all just full of maggots and we had to cut it out. It was just horrible, and this dog... You know, it was just plain neglect. The people were oblivious to what was going on. And I think I would end up killing off too many people that torture animals that way, (he shrugged and smiled) it probably would hurt my business...”



“I was a dental assistant since 1971 and I trained as a Dental Surgeon’s Assistant. I would choose that because I enjoy it. I worked for a dental center for 14 years, although I worked for the government. I retired from there, went to work for a general Dentist and then when he retired from practice, I went to work for a Peridontist and then served as a Surgeon’s Assistant since 1985, still am on a part time basis.


“I had surgery done on my one leg. You know I’ve worn braces since 1981 and then I saw an orthopedic doctor who can correct that and I’m just tickled to death. I’m in a cast still and I will be until the first of the year, off and on. But come the first of the year.....!”


 “I’m a chemist by training, I have a degree from Notre Dame and worked in industry for nine years before I went into the University life. I was Dean of Arts and Sciences at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln. And then I became Provost, VP in charge of Academic Affairs, at the University Of South Florida where we have about thirty five thousand students. I’m also Director of the Coalition that tries to increase the Science literacy rate.”



“Ho! BJ you know I was a quite the ballerina, I was a Ziegfeld Follies star, became a silent movie star, and was widowed by Sam Warner of Warner Brothers. Hmmm, and almost raped by Hitler. I was a handler specializing in Danes, my Honey Hollow Kennel has produced some pretty special dogs. I have been privileged to handle dogs such as Ch. Big Kim Of Bella Dane, he was top Dane from ’66 through ’69 and of course, there was my beloved Ch. C & B’s Special K Gribbon. After taking her to 27 Bests, there was nothing else I wanted to do. Now I judge, after being turned down at first you know. The best judges usually are. I’ve done a lot and to most people my life sounds like a movie plot. I have no “other life” now. Just dogs.”



“I used to train Thoroughbred horses but now I’m getting too old, jumping around to do those. (not really) We have just a couple here on the farm. We no longer go to the track, we just have riding horses and we golf.”(Tommy became an AKC Rep. but passed away 2012



(now deceased) “I was a school teacher for 13 years. Elementary and Parochial school. And before that, music was my major, the opera. I turned down several scholarships to go into dogs rather than do auditions.” (I’ll bet you and Dr. Draper have a lot to chat about? “Yep. I had one audition to go to New York and I had two scholarships but because of dog shows, I turned them down. I don’t think Dr. Draper and I have talked about it though.”


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