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As an AKC Judge or breeder, we know about canine dentition but the frozen remains photos of this prehistoric wolf cub could re-write the archeological past!



This photo, provided by the Yukon government, shows huge incisors on what experts adjudged to be a 7 week old cub of the mastodon age. The next time you “check the bite” in your ring, think about this!


If this prehistoric wolf was barely at weaning age how can the teeth be so well developed? Either the cub’s age is wrong or ancient carnivores were once BORN with giant teeth that were of necessity, capable of crushing the bones of mastodons! Which is it? Tell us below...



According to NewScientist, {Ref #1}the pup was female and weighed just under 700 grams. They estimate that she was seven weeks old when she died, the same age most modern wolves become independent from their mothers.


Many of you reading this are dog show judges, veterinarians and/or long-time dog breeders. Our readers would be especially interested in your “dental” observation on the age of this pre-historic carnivore.


And your take on the purpose of the peculiar projections on the base of the incisors.


When examining a stunning dog that caught your eye on the first go-around, how disappointed are you if upon examination you discover missing teeth or bad occlusion? Does “the bite” still matter as much today?



The domestic dog is said to have genetically separated from the coyote, dingo, fox, jackal or wolf some 30,000 years ago. Canine evolution has drastically changed the domestic dog and none more than the purebred dog. So how important is dentition to a meat eater? The answer is obvious, before “dog food” it meant survival.


So take another look at the Smithsonian magazine {Ref #2}, quotes by paleontologist Julie Meachen who says “She's the most complete wolf mummy that's ever been found. She's basically 100% intact—all that's missing are her eyes.” No wonderment is expressed about the missing eyes but that was the first thing one of our SAAB veterinarians questioned.


Was the wolf cub flash-frozen or did some other creature pluck out her eyes before she froze? Share your thoughts with the Editor


Reference and Related Informtaion:

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