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JUDGES EDUCATION provides online judging seminars with photos and video examples of movement, structure and correct breed type.


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Early American Dogs

Told by a dog show judge old enough to share accurate history.



Want To Be A Dog Show Judge?

Multi-group AKC judge for 30 years shares useful tips and observations for aspiring judges.


Which Came First? Dog Shows or Pedigrees?

Dogs were the first animal to be domesticated in 13000 BC but the first pedigreed dog show was 1859 in England and in 1884 the AKC was formed in the U.S.



Judges Be Judged, Part 2

International judge on how we deal with faulty temperament, structural or movement faults.



Judge By Book or Look?

Your responses on how you feel about how AKC judging has changed over the last 2 years?



Canine Movement

Pictorial examples and explanation of movement in the GSD apply to all breeds!



Canine Reasoning Proof

Dumb dog? Are canines incapable of ‘thinking’ or is this proof scientists are thick-headed and intellectually blind? Tell us what you think.


Evolution Of Judging

Nature's script; breeders evolve a better dog judges judge better and neither creates a platypus.



Structure And Popularity

GSD and Golden Retriever photos show how canine body type has evolved through show ring and breeding selection, by All-Breed, Seiger and AKC judge.


Compete In Barn Hunt

Scent work should and can be done with live rats, proper praise, encouragement and courage of participants… lavishly illustrated!


Toy Fox Terrier Judging

Top breeders share insight on the most important features and common faults.



Conformation: Akita Club Of America Judges Guide, 16 top winner photos.


Judging The Chihuahua

Judges Seminar Guidebook illustrates points of breed type.


Judging The Havanese

Every one of them is so darn cute, type varies, but the first thing to look for is...


Judging The Mastiff

What is the single most important breed feature and the most common fault judges should note?


Miniature Bull Terrier Ephrain, imported by the AndrewsJudging The Mini-Bull Terrier

What Makes a Mini Mighty? Not size. Not weight.


Judging The Rottweiler

Legendary breeder-judge shares her insight, photos, and eye for the breed.


Photo Courtesy of Patti Bradford - depicting a Russell Terrier being spanned by a JudgeJudging The Russell Terrier

Not to be confused with the Parson or Jack Russell Terrier.


Who Judges Dogs, Judges or AKC?

WKC generates as much speculation about judging as any event in the nation.


Peter Gaeta, AKC Judges Dept.

on AKC protocol for elderly or infirm judges.


Preferred Breed Type

Judge explains why the standout dog can be a loser.


Judging To Breed Standard

This small addition to dog club contracts would preserve features of purebred type.


Judges Education, Not Opinion

Only accurate application of the breed standard makes it expert opinion.


ACEF Hound Group Institute, Louisville KY March 2013ACEF Hound Group Institute

“Immersed in hounds" was a great experience at the 2013 ACEF Hound Group Institute for judges.


The Value Of Breed Seminars?

Patterson, Porterfield, Forsythe, Linton, and Martin respond.


Group Judge Beverly Vics Judges at National SpecialtiesJudging One Dog At A Time

Group judge's unique method of showcasing every dog.


Good Judges Speak Dog!

To understand the Standard, you have to know the language.


Type or Soundness

Only a novice could ask if type or soundness is more important.


ACEF Judges' Institute

Pictorial report on six days of tough tests, speakers, and judges education.


Judging Contracts & Clubs

Simple but critical guidelines for judges and the clubs that hire them.


Extremes In Purebred Dogs

Judges award it, breeders strive for it, and the public rejects it!


Why Have Breed Standards?

Group judge says changing standards to accommodate faults wreaks havoc.


Judging Dogs Blindfolded

This experiment shows why some judges have problems.


Senior Judges Pull Rank

On judges fees and AKC's Solicitation Policy.


Docked Tail History

Tons of photos, applicable to all docked and/or cropped breeds.Your comments on Page Two


Judges Can Have Opinions

Expectations of a judge, exhibitor or breeder may differ.


Structure & Movement

Dog show judge and GSD authority on movement faults such as dragging back toes, high stepping front, buckling up the rear and more...


Dog Shows In Canada

Small shows, small entries, and too many judges are a different experience as described by this popular Canadian Kennel Club judge.


Judging Survey

Do the official breed standards represent the personality, style, and TYPE of the 2017-2018 current top winners? Your answers?


Judge And Be Judged

In part 1, this Judge says "One who awards a dog should have the same canine traits on which good character and working aptitude are founded".


Standards vs. Opinion

Group judge says when judges let opinion affect their judging, it reflects personal preference, not the Breed Standard.


Those Darned Judges

Judge-exhibitor offers intriguing insight on the judging process.


GSD Judging WKC 2018

All breeds judge comments on judging style, excessive angulation in today’s GSD, and the unwritten Universal Standard.


Sex And The Dog Show World

The HSUS blow-up reminded me of the dog game past and present. There’s a lot of hanky-panky in this human universe and the dog world is no exception.


Analyzing Tools For Judging Dogs

The dog that catches your eye is symmetrical, nothing out of place, look for that balance in every breed you judge.


"Flying Trot" Myth

Short-legged dogs achieve the suspended trot but this judge's 25 action photos show it is more for the crowd than the judge.


Toy Fox Terrier Tools

Skeletal detail; proportion, movement, by JEC Chair Kelley Maldon.


Toy Fox Terrier Pictorial Standard

If it looks like a spotted Minpin, Toy Group judges need to look again...


Judging The Akita, Temperament

Temperament: Approach, exam, and understanding aggressiveness.


What To Know; Chihuahua

9 points judges must know, like WHY they duck from overhand approach...



A pictorial discussion of the Chihuahua standard, from head, ears, and eyes to feet, coat and movement, Top Winner photos, analysis, makes judging a breeze.


Applying For Mini-Bull Terriers?

Side-by-side comparisons of the Breed Standards, breeder interviews, etc.


See The Rottweiler!

AKC Rottweiler video committee chair, multi-breed judge on your vision...


Evaluating Canine Gait

This judge makes breed type come alive in this analysis for judges and breeders.


Does Size Matter?

Weight, not height, determines purpose, as evident in breed photo size comparisons.


Int'l Can. Am. Ch. Bronco Von Rauberfeld, Sch3, FH, BIS - showing suspended trotDog Sport, Then - Now

Felicia Luburich, Srigo Kennels shares photos of top champions and criteria for success in your breed.


Judging Rule Of Fives

The art of defining breed type in Working, Terrier, and Toy breeds.


Judging To Standard

Multi-Group Judge on uniformity of type, not exaggeration of bone, coat, wrinkles...


Judging Consistency

Multi-Group judge says selecting for extremes negates the standard. EST 2005 Jun 2008 rev17022404


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