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2016 Judging Legend

"YOU VOTED" For A 2016 Judging Legend Candidate


The top nominees for Judging Legend 2016 past and present were Ann Rogers Clark, Joseph Gregory, and Kenneth McDermott.


And the winner is... Ann Rogers Clark (obituary)

Runner Up is ... Joseph "Joe" Gregory

We selected comments that best summed up each Candidate.



  • No question, Anne Clark is one of the most memorable figures in American dog show history. Marcia Schlehr

  • Annie was one of the first Judges that began to mentor me as I grew in the dog show world; always respectful to new owner/handlers, and always supportively critical ! There will never be another! Kathryn Smith

  • I learned so much from Annie, both as an exhibitor under her numerous times and as an attendee at a week long judge’s institute. The one thing I really remember is her comment...”judge long, judge wrong”. Go with you first impression unless you see something on further exam that changes your opinion, but don’t keep nit-picking between specimens. Lynne Rosebrock

  • I learned a lot from her in the short time I knew her. Attended seminars, watched ring side, talked briefly with her. Asked opinions. We lost another great legend. Suzanne Bunting

  • An outstanding judge who used every opportunity to educate. I have always followed her advice that in judging she makes her first cut based on type and then goes with the soundest of those in the class. In judging our breed it is outstanding advice. Brenda Fairbanks


  • I have always liked showing to Joe Gregory. He is so pleasant and knowledgeable. Susan and Larry Legg

  • Joe Gregory is very deserving of this honor—very fair, very honest, very pleasant. Jo Fleitas

  • Love to show to him-win or lose! Maureen Pogorzelski

  • Placing my vote for Mr. GREGORY. love to watch his masterful mind as he judges. FromTheHeartKennel

  • Great ring presence with authority and kindness. The dogs get a fair look and time to show what they are made of!!!! Mary Schroeder

  • Easily one of my favorite judges! Kind to all exhibitors and looks at the correct end of the leash. Teresa McMahan


  • Knowledgeable, ethical, kind-hearted, intelligent, articulate are all good descriptors of Kenneth McDermott . He has seen the sport from all possible angles: handler, breeder and finally judge. As a judge, his placements are almost always based on type first which indicates to me, at least, that he truly understands the intricacies and purpose of the breed. Honestly, I cannot heap enough praise on this man! Leonard

  • Ken Mc Dermott gets my vote, he has true appreciation for breed type and judges fairly. Lynne Myall

  • Ken all the way! Suzanne Orban-Stagle

  • Ken McDermott is a judge I will always think of fondly- he is knowledgeable of the standards, he always judged with integrity, and he was always kind to both dogs and exhibitors. He judged with a breeder's eye, which made an opinion from him worth having. Vanessa Giamo

Final Tally

Ann Rogers Clark


Joseph "Joe" Gregory


Kenneth McDermott


2016 Judging Legend Results


All Results Are Final.

Your vote made the difference.


Ann Rogers Clark is ..........

Judging Legend 2016 EST 2005 #1705


The Ring Steward says "You can now go back to Meet The Judges!"The Ring Steward says "You can now go back to Meet The Judges!" We invite you to Read interviews with previous Nominees, Judging Legends, and other great names in the sport.  As you attend shows this year, make mental notes about who you will nominate next year!


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