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Judith (Judi) V. Daniels

Top Five Candidate, Judging Legend 2006


Approved for: Working Group, Terrier Group, Non-Sporting Group, Toy breeds: Manchester Terriers and Poodles, Best In Show, Conformation - Misc Breeds


Judi V. Daniels, AKC Working, Terrier and Non-Sporting Group Judge and Authority, Past President of AKC (the first woman to be elected by the board) and AKC Delegate.


Judith (Judi) DanielsInterview by Fran Smith-Milteer, Meet The Judge Columnist July 2006 - See what this Judge has to say...


FSM: In which judged activity did you first compete? Obedience, Conformation, or Performance?

JD: Conformation


FSM: About when was that and with what breed?

JD: 1970, with Staffordshire Bull Terriers – first in Misc. class; the breed was recognized by AKC in 1975.


FSM: Did you owner handle or have you always used handlers?

JD: Owner/handler.


FSM: What is/was your primary breed and how long were you involved?

JD: Staffordshire Bull Terrier – Helped establish the National Club, and worked to get the breed recognized.


FSM: In what single area has that breed most improved?

JD: Consistency in Type and Balance.


FSM: Do you have a “personal” dog now and if so, what breed?

JD: Two SBT’s – they are couch potatoes, and go to work with us everyday.


FSM: Do you own other animals? If so what?

JD: In the past, I have also owned Fox Terriers, a Scottish Terrier, A Boxer, a Toy Fox Terrier and Silky Terriers.


FSM: Which do you feel is more important in a breeding program, the dog or the bitch? Why?

JD: My mentor taught me that a good Stud Dog is worth his weight in Silver; a good brood bitch is worth her weight in Gold, and a Proponent Stud Dog is worth his weight in platinum!


FSM: When considering a breeding, which do you look at first, pedigree or physical virtues?

JD: First, I look at physical virtues. Pedigrees may look like a perfect match on paper, but they can’t tell you, for instance, that the dog and bitch being considered BOTH happen to be missing their left front leg!


FSM: What is the single most important physical characteristic you look for in a dog?

JD: Breed type.


FSM: In what field are/were you employed outside of dogs?

JD: Operations Management, particularly in the field of finance.


FSM: About how long have you been judging?

JD: Since the late 70’s.


FSM: How many breeds (or groups, depending on who it is?) are you currently approved for?

JD: The Terrier Group, plus provisional for two Working and seven Non-Sporting breeds.


FSM: Do you plan to apply for more breeds/groups?

JD: I am hoping to finish the Non-Sporting Group, and then continue with Working.


FSM: Which breed (or group) do you personally enjoy doing the most?

JD: I actually “enjoy” the Non-Sporting group most because of the variety. However, of course, Terriers are my first love.


FSM: What is the most annoying thing exhibitors do?

JD: The “courtesy” turn.


FSM: What is the most important thing exhibitors should do in your ring?

JD: Pay attention to their exhibit.


FSM: Do you usually fly or drive to your assignments? Which do you prefer?

JD: I love to fly, and do so often, but drive to shows within 4-5 hours.


FSM: Have you judged in another country, if so, where and which breeds?

JD: Ireland and Belgium - several Terrier breeds. South Africa - SBT.s Australia - SBT’s and several Terrier breeds. New Zealand – All Terriers. Mexico and South Korea – All Breeds.


FSM: Have you judged for another registry, if so, which one and which breeds?

JD: No.


FSM: What is the most inconsiderate thing a kennel club can do to its judges?

JD: Fail to make convenient transportation arrangements from airport to hotel, and return.


FSM: What is the nicest thing a kennel club can do for the judges?

JD: If a Judges’ Dinner is in the plans, arrange for it to be early.


FSM: What do you look at first when you turn to assess a class or group?

JD: Proportion.


FSM: Do you evaluate puppies as puppies or as adults when selecting winners?

JD: I judge both puppies and adults as they conform to the written breed standard. Maturity definitely counts for something; however, a puppy with many virtues will win over an adult with few.


FSM: What advice would you give aspiring judges?

JD: Each exhibit deserves equal time in your evaluations. However, taking a long time, and going over and over the dogs, makes a judge appear to be “indecisive”. And, the dogs certainly don’t get any better the longer you look. Your first impression is usually the best one, so go with it. Mrs. Judith "Judi" V. Daniels


Sadly, Judi Daniels passed away November 18th, 2021 as reported in the December 2021 Delegates Meeting, see NetPlaces Network addition to January 2022 Board Meeting EST 2005 Jul. 2006-134

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