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Sunlight regulates mood, behavior and overall health.

by Barbara Andrews, Publisher and SAAB Member


Throw out dog drugs for dull showmanship, fear or anxiety and learn how sunlight regulates mood, behavior, and overall health in all mammals including humans.


Veterinarians happily dispense canine anti-depressant drugs and most professional dog show exhibitors know about or mood-altering herbs for excitability, show ring instability or increased “showmanship.” Dog show judges can usually spot a drugged dog and withhold ribbons.



How much better for people and our animals if we just soak up some knowledge about how sunlight and vitamin D regulate mood and overall health.


Light Deprivation is as serious a problem in dogs as it is for night workers and kids who either sleep, or watch TV instead of going outside to play. Where does your show dog spend the day? In today’s hustle-bustle world, we work from sunup to sundown, much like farmers. Did you know that farmers are statistically healthier than city folks?


Why is that? Could it be that we work inside, under artificial and fluorescent lighting? Is that is a problem directly related to the booming sales of anti-depressants? The answer is obvious!


As a dog owner, you know more about health than most people but did you know...


All mammals MUST have 8 hours of full sunlight to stay healthy and not suffer from light deprivation which leads to an inability to manufacture adequate levels of vitamin D. Are you thinking about night workers, factory and office workers who “see” only artificial light? Good.


Now think about the ever-increasing rate of children on behavior modification drugs and school violence at an all-time high. Gottit? OK, then think about how "cool" it is to wear sunglasses... And how teenagers want to play all night – and then sleep all day!


Parents seek psychological or medical care not realizing they have the same curable problem. The CURE is free, simple, easy, natural…


Now extrapolate your new knowledge to an equally disturbing fact. Look at your dogs in a new light. As 2020 ends, DOGS are on antidepressants and Canine Behavioral consultants are flourishing!



Worse yet, an alarming percentage of children are on behavior modification drugs and school violence is at an all-time high. Did you know that antidepressants are the most-prescribed drugs in the U.S.?


But do you know that an amazingly high percentage of “behavioral patients" are dogs! There are more dog psychologists than there are neighborhood police. We can’t solve the latter problem but if you just think about where your beloved dogs spend most of their time and why Canine Behavioral consultants are in nearly as high demand as child counselors you are on the right track.


Light Deprivation has become a frequent but seldom diagnosed problem in dogs for the same reason children suffer from this modern-age phenomenon. Both are house-bound and confounding the problem, youngsters prefer television or tablets to outside games.


Who suggests “playing outside” or “go out and get some sunshine”? You do “put the dog out” as soon as you come home but by then the sun is probably waning.


In today’s hustle-bustle world, we work from sunup to sundown, much like farmers, those statistically healthy long-lived people. Unlike farmers however, we work inside, under artificial and fluorescent lighting… and that's where most show dogs spend their time!


Dog Breeders take pride in elaborate air-conditioned kennels with small widows to block the sun or the cold. They don't realize that mammals require 10 hours of full sunlight to stay healthy. Watch where your house cat snoozes during the day. In a shaft of sunlight right? Sure, dogs do the same. That IS to say… animals are smarter than humans!


There is a whole lot more to this sunlight thing. Too much to cover in one article. Absorb as much as you are comfortable with and most important – put it into practice! While you are forming those new ‘healthy habits’ our staff is busy assembling more at-your-fingertips (on the computer or mobile device) information pm how the brain works for you, your children, and your dogs.


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We hope you enjoyed Part 1 of the Brain Works Series ~ How Sunlight Affects Behavior. Next in this series is Melatonin For Mood including a twenty year study led by neuroscientist George Brainard… EST 2005 Dec 2020

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