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Have you discovered dog show judges who view well-presented dogs equally regardless of who is on the end of the lead?

Check YES or NO


Are dog shows losing support?

Check YES or NO



If you are an active exhibitor, we know the answer to this question but not all NetPlaces Network subscribers are show people. Have you ever attended an “after show” dinner or cocktail party when the necessity of advertising a dog wasn’t mentioned? SHORT responses may be quoted in the Exhibitors View follow-up report.


Most dog show exhibitors feel that being “number one” in the breed ring is like winning the Kentucky Derby. I’ve known people who have done both and they truly deserve the Triple Crown for owning or backing a dog that achieves ‘Number One All Breeds’.


Isn’t the chance to win what keeps dog shows going so that we can continue to enjoy the sport? I know you mentally said yes but what about Obedience, Tracking, Therapy Dog work, etc.?


Don’t those dog hobbies give equal satisfaction?

Check YES or NO or skip it if you are not involved in those areas.


Let’s get to the point. Owning or backing a top dog is an incredible achievement but it shouldn’t be based on who you are or how much you can afford to spend on a dog you rarely see. Don’t you wish that every dog show judge would put a stop-watch on ego or who got them the assignment and just judge dogs according to the Breed Standard?


No need for a check box on that question… But there ARE questions that need answers. What happens to the dog when the show career is over? Does the dog retire with a loving owner? And did the dog and handler’s show career allow time for such a fabulous dog to pass his or her great qualities on to the breed’s gene pool? That last question is critical to the future of purebred dogs but answers would be subjective so we won’t ask.


Do you think the big glitzy shows are mostly for the wealthy who can afford top professional handlers?

Check YES or NO


Yes, I know, for the stud dog, we have frozen semen but what about the incredible bitch whose career must not be interrupted? How can she contribute her valuable genetics to the breed? Will she still be fertile after campaigning for two years? Rhetorical question…


After more than half a century setting win records and numbers of champions produced, I’m seeing 2022 with new eyes. How about you? Dog shows have always attracted the ultra-wealthy and New York City socialites. That was what made it so exciting for average people like me. Any big win was great but the thrill of your owner-handled homebred dog (!) beating top-ranked dogs is a memory you will always treasure.


Have you shown an owner-handled or a breeder-handled dog that achieved Top Ten ranking that year?

Check YES or NO

Feel free to Enter that dog’s name.


Can that happen today? As a top pro handler or generous backer you’ve probably clicked out but if you are still here, has your vision improved just a tad?


Don’t misunderstand me, YOU are what turns the wheels in our wonderful sport. Every person reading this wants to be YOU. We all want to be able to do great things for our breed and for our sport. Some of us can but most people can only dream about it.


Are you the one who writes the check and your handler does everything else, from advertising campaigns to hosting the judges parties? Or did you have to give up the new car this year so you could an afford a used motor-home to get you and your dogs to the shows? No check boxes for these queries, they DEFINE the sport of dogs.


Rich or poor, at some level, in some class, you can compete. In showing dogs there is more than one finish line. You may be happy with a CD on your best friend and stop at that point and just enjoy being welcome at more places. Or you may decide to go for CDX or tracking or the AKC conformation show ring.


I’ve done it all and looking back, Obedience training was more fun, more practical and a whole lot more affordable… But setting show ring and breed records is heady stuff and moves the breed forward. I did that too.


One more question and this one “tells the tail…” Which dog sport do you most enjoy. CONFORMATION, OBEDIENCE, RALLY, AGILITY, HERDING TRIALS, OTHER

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