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Judging And Judges As Seen From Ringside




Exhibitor & Handler Interviews, Opinions, and Observations


Carla Sanchez Interview

Major supporters of the dog fancy, we thank Mrs. Sanchez for granting this interview. She's a true "dog lady" who speaks from the heart.


Joe Gregory Tribute

All-Breed Judging Legend 2016 Nominee, he's a quiet man of few words, a true southern gentleman and an AKC Conformation judge for 51 years!


Judging Approval Survey Surveyed

Did you receive this AKC Judging Approval Survey Letter? TheJudgesPlace invites you to respond.


How To Examine A Puppy

How to attract novice handlers, boost entries, re-examine the approach, refresh your judging style and discover a winner.


Judging Panel & Rescue Ratings?

There are scams everywhere but in dogs, despicable deceit stands out! These two reports set our teeth on edge.


Fulfilling Judging Contracts

Long-time show chair candidly covers hiring judges, contracts, judging fees, and when perks are pertinent, like judges’ gifts.



Too Little, Too Late

Where are the AKC Awards, the public tribute to the Legends in the sport?


Lina Basquette Remembered

Ziegfield Follies, movie star, Pro Handler, then Judge, Lina dwarfed any stage. Can you guess the other female handler in this story.


Are Dog Show Judges The problem?

As a judge or as an exhibitor, how will YOU answer these questions? Are you part of problem or part of the solution?"


Best & Worst  About Dog Shows?

We asked of top professional handlers because they see more than breeder-exhibitors.  Here's what they said about dog shows.


Re-Certification Of Judges

First asked in 1996, again in 2002, we are asking you again.  Read and vote.


Exhibitor Laura Perkinson's View

from ring side of Judge Edd Bivin


Happy, Healthy, and Wise

Judging keeps them that way a lot longer and these senior judges are proof of that!

We asked these questions face-to-face but if you would like to comment or you have a question to suggest, please