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2006 Judging Legend Candidates and Results



Dozens of judges nominated their peers, expressing amazingly similar reasons for holding them in such high regard. The top five nominees were Ric Chashoudian, Judith Daniels, Joe Gregory, Margaret Mickelson, and Mardee Ward, and indeed, YOU chose well.


And the winner is... Peggy Mickelson - click for Mickelson Interview!

Runner Up - Joe Gregory


You selected the five Nominees.  We selected comments that best summed up each Candidate.


RIC CHASHOUDIAN: (Click for Interview)

  • Seems gruff to some but it's because he is so intent on doing it well.  Proves his eye for a dog and for structure in his art.

  • Knows his terriers, in fact, he's a master on all terriers, coated or not, and other breeds as well.

  • One of the last "old guys" who really knows dogs and what it takes to present a terrier properly.

JUDITH (JUDI) DANIELS: (Click for Interview)

  • I nominate Judi Daniels for Judge Legend 2006 One of her best points.....a million dollar smile!

  • a gracious and kind judge, putting both the exhibitors and dogs at ease.  We could attract many more people into the conformation rings if more judges would have her character and gracious style

  • An honest and fair judge, also an advocate for dogs and "fought city hall" for our rights as owners and breeders.

JOSEPH (JOE) GREGORY: (Click for Interview)

  • Demands a good front, loves a sound and showy dog.  Those who know him know what he respects and when they win, no sense crying politics because it is his knowledge and love for the shows and the dogs he sees on the day that drives him to keep dancing and smiling.

  • ..... Epitome of the all breed judge.  Dignified, soft spoken but eloquent in his obvious love for dogs and the sport as it should be.  An x-handler who knows the games, just doesn't play them.

  • Few judges are so into the judging process just for the love of dogs and right or wrong, choosing the dog he would most like to own, or as a handler, have shown because of the type and style. Known to not only spot a potential great dog but to award it, even buy it!


  • A lady who knows what she wants and will put it up whether the handler is "right" or not.

  • It is a joy to watch her do herding breeds.  More judges should have her knowledge and grasp of those breeds.  Hope she makes it to all-rounder.

  • A gifted writer who can verbalize or write about the shows, the people, and what makes it all come together the way it should.  One who could do critiques as they do in Europe.

MARDEE WARD: (Click for Interview)

  • Comes from great lines!  Her parents were both good judges, Bob especially known for being about to spot the right dog and the daughter gaining that reputation.

  • Born with an eye for Sams and now, other breeds to.

  • I showed under her parents and was delighted when she moved right into judging.  She fills the ring with knowledge that can't be gained by just having worked her way up as a handler or breeder, which she is.



The Ring Steward says "You can now go back to Meet The Judges!"The Ring Steward says "You can now go back to Meet The Judges!" We invite you to Read interviews with previous Nominees, Judging Legends, and other great names in the sport.  As you attend shows this year, make mental notes about who you will nominate next year!


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