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Exclusive interviews with top dog show judges; background, breeds and groups approved, WHO they are and the qualites each judge appreciates. Know before you show!

Michele Billings Remembered

There are few judges as gracious and inspiring as dog breeder, handler “Mike” Leathers, aka..


Tribute To Richard Beauchamp

Rick passed away April 5, 2014. Those who knew him loved him and those who didn't lost out.


Connie Barton

AKC Field Rep, Multi-Group judge, an icon to "the way it was" with strength and dignity.


Dr. Daniel W. Fleitas

Working & Herding Groups. A thinking man who genuinely loves dogs!


Beverly Vics

Multi-Group breeder-judge who breeder-owner-handled her Akitas to BIS wins.


Frank McCartha

Go inside the mind and heart of a multi-group judge who also breeds and judges horses!


Carolyn & David Alexander

In-depth interview with the popular multi-group, international judging couple.


Dr. Richard Greathouse

There are some things you may not know about this distinguished Kentucky gentleman.


Edd Embry Bivin

Judging Legend Nominee, almost all breeds benefit from his knowledge.  His wife, the talented judge Irene, passed away Sept. 2008


Melbourne Downing

All-Breeds judging icon, he was a Living Legend, Co-Founder of the SCJA. Mel passed away in 2007


Dany Canino

Multi-Group judge and talented writer, she loves to Rock and Roll! Read Dany Canino's 2003 interview


Frank Sabella

Judging Legend, not just to Poodle people but to all students of dogs and their presentation.


Chris Walkowicz

The first and last word in Bearded Collies and among the sport's most talented writers.


John Boozer

Terrier breeder-judge, he also judges Hounds and Herding breeds, interview by Tam Cordingley


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Judi Daniels

Top Five Candidate for Judging Legend 2006, Terrier Group Authority, Past President of AKC.


Joe Gregory

All Breed Judge who rarely grants interviews.  We are deeply honored to present this soft-spoken man to the fancy.


Pat Hastings

Multi-Group Judge, author of "tell-all" books that do, extraordinary insight from The Puppy Puzzle lady.


Marion Mardee Ward

2nd Generation AKC Judge and Samoyed breeder, she does her parents proud.


Dr. J. Donald Jones

WKC 2008 Best In Show Judge, expounds on the Beagle and discusses show celebrities.  Don passed away Dec. 2012 at age 75.


Robert D. Sharp

Multi-group judge shares his love for dogs, food, and favorite breeds in a delightful conversation!


Dennis & Mary Lou Kniola

Multi-Group judges discuss judging, travel, and family.  Tragically, Dennis passed away in 2010.


Margaret (Peggy) Mickelson

Awarded Judging Legend 2006, Peggy does All Terriers, Herding & BIS


Ric Chashoudian

Handler, judge, columnist and sculptor, the Terrier Man's man passed away Sept. 2011 at 80.


Rosemarie (Rose) O'Hara

Obedience and Conformation Breeder-Judge; Rose uses all her skills as a judge.


Meet Ann Arch

Crufts 2001 Best In Show Judge, Interview by Meg Purnell-Carpenter, SAAB member and also top international judge.