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Richard "Rick" G. Beauchamp

AKC Judge for all Sporting and Non-Sporting Breeds.



Meet Richard "Rick" Beauchamp, AKC Judge for all Sporting and Non-Sporting Breeds. He's a Cocker, Boxer, and Bichon Authority!


Mr. Beauchamp is approved for All Non-Sporting Breeds, Afghan, Saluki, Anatolian Shepherd, Boxer, Doberman Pinscher, German Pinscher, Great Dane, Parson Russell, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Havanese, Papillon, Toy Poodle, Toy Fox Terrier, Yorkshire Terrier, Welsh Corgi (Pembroke), 9 new Toy breeds: Chihuahua, English Toy Spaniel, Japanese Chin, Maltese, Pekingese, Pomeranian, Pug, Shih Tzu, Silky Terrier JS-L, Best In Show (BIS), Groups 1, 6.


RICHARD BEAUCHAMPInterview by Fran Milteer, TheJudgesPlace Meet The Judge Columnist - August 2006. See what this Judge has to say...


FSM: In which type of judged dog activity did you first compete? Obedience, Conformation, or Performance such as agility or field work?


RGB: Conformation first, last and always. My dogs never behave or perform!


FSM: About when was that and with what breed?


RGB: My very first breed was American Cockers (early 1950s) followed by Boxers and then the list begins. . .


FSM: Did you owner handle? When did you begin to use handlers?


RGB: Finished my own Cockers and in fact finished probably 50 or so Cockers for others. My Boxers, Bichons and several other breeds were professionally handled.


FSM: What is/was your primary breed and how long were you involved?


RGB: I'm probably best know for the success of my Beau Monde Bichons, many of which were co-owned and co-bred with Pauline Waterman. I purchased Ch. Chaminade Mr. Beau Monde from Barbara Stubbs in 1969 and he became the top producing sire in the breed shortly after breed recognition in 1973 and still retains that status (63 champions) today 30 years later. I bred Ch. Beau Monde the Fire Cracker who is the top producing dam in the breed (17 champions).


FSM: In what single area has that breed most improved?


RGB: We've all but eliminated the long, low dogs that plagued the breed in the early years.


FSM: What is the biggest problem you see in the breed today?


RGB: Probably eye size and shape. The Bichon should have a dark round eye of nice size.


FSM: Do you have a “personal” dog now and if so, what breed?


RGB: A ten-year-old Boxer bred by my brother and sister-in-law Charlie and Diane Beauchamp. Have pretty much always had a Boxer as a house dog.


FSM: Do you own other animals? If so, what?


RGB: Tropical Fish.


FSM: What is the single most important physical characteristic you look for in a dog?


RGB: Breed type above all.


FSM: In what field are/were you employed outside of dogs?


RGB: The entertainment industry--as a writer/reporter for Daily Variety.


FSM: About how long have you been judging?


RGB: Since the 1970s as an F.C.I. all breed judge and since 1994 with the AKC.


FSM: How many breeds or groups are you currently approved for?


RGB: I have all the Sporting and Non Sporting Groups, most of the Toy Group and quite a few breeds in the other groups as well.


FSM: Do you plan to apply for more breeds/groups?


RGB: I'll finish the Toy Group (hopefully!) and then that's about it outside of a few breeds I particularly like.


FSM: Which breed (or group) do you personally enjoy doing the most?


RGB: My background is in the Sporting Group but I enjoy judging good dogs of any breed.


FSM: What is the most annoying thing exhibitors do?


RGB: The exhibitors of the dogs that haven't won feel duty bound to let the judge know where and how much the dog has won elsewhere. We aren't responsible for anything that occurs outside of our own ring.


FSM: What is the most important thing exhibitors should do?


RGB: Pay attention to the patterns I use and follow instructions.


FSM: Do you most often fly or drive to your assignments? Which do you prefer?


RGB: Fly--and that is beginning to be a real chore with delayed and cancelled flights.


FSM: Have you judged for another registry, if so, which one and which breeds?


RGB: As an all breeds judge I have judged in practically every major dog showing country in the world.


FSM: What is the most inconsiderate thing a kennel club can do to its judges?


RGB: Not following through with airport pick up arrangements.


FSM: What is the most appreciated thing a kennel club can do for the judges?


RGB: Allow us to retire to our rooms after a long day's judging and just relax!


FSM: What do you look at first when you turn to assess a class or group?


RGB: Silhouette. It draws a line everything the dog is.


FSM: Do you evaluate puppies as puppies or as adults when selecting winners?


RGB: Allowances have to be made for puppies. They shouldn't look like adults or they'll be over the top before they even mature.


FSM: Are you a Delegate? If so, does your club instruct or do you vote on your perception?


RGB: I am not a Delegate.


FSM: Are you comfortable with Breed Take-Away and the Reps new authority in that regard?


RGB: I can't imagine how it's going to be enforced.


FSM: What advice would you give aspiring judges?


RGB: Study and never believe you've learned all there is to know.


FSM: We'd like to thank you Rick for this wonderful interview.


See earlier 2002 Interview by Sandra Murray ~ A Tribute To Richard Beauchamp. Rick passed away April 5th 2014. Those who knew him loved him and those who didn't were denied opportunity to learn.


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