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About Margaret Shappard


Margaret Shappard grew up with GSD and has been active in dogs starting with a Great Dane pet in the late 60’s. Also into horses through her 20’s, she acquired foundation stock in 1976 and became successful in both confirmation and obedience for a number of years. Though breeding on a very limited basis during the last ten years, they wanted a breed that could still do the work for which it was bred, so they added Briards in 1981. Margaret is active in both specialty and obedience clubs, serving on the board, in education and as show chair. She began judging in 1996 and currently judges several Working and Herding breeds. She truly believes that active club participation is a must and she says with conviction "We all have something we can do to give back to this sport that gives so much to us." She is not online but sent the following Letter To The Editor. The letter touched on several issues, new and old, that it we felt it deserved a permanent place in this section.